Investments in off-plan real estate involve the purchase of real estate that has not yet been built or is in an early stage of development, purchased directly from the developer. Buyers typically rely on brochures and marketing materials to gain an understanding of the project and the specific property they are looking to purchase. The purchase usually involves making a down payment of 10-20 % and signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), with subsequent payments often dependent on the progress of construction.

The advantages of choosing off-plan real estate include cost savings, as investors have the opportunity to purchase real estate at the most affordable and competitive prices. This allows you to select premium properties within the project, which increases the potential for maximum return on investment. Additionally, investors may be able to sell their property off-plan before the project is completed, especially if the market performs well, potentially leading to significant profits.

Another benefit is lower upfront costs, as payment plans vary from builder to builder, with some only requiring a 5 percent down payment and the rest depending on construction stages. Plus, the appeal of buying off-plan property is that you’re getting something completely new, with the latest designs, technology and amenities.

However, like any other investment, buying a property under construction in Dubai is associated with certain risks. One of the main ones is the possibility of delays in completion of construction, which could disrupt end-user plans and impact investor returns. It is very important to carefully study information about the project developer and include compensation clauses in the purchase and sale agreement to reduce such risks.

Fluctuations in market conditions pose another challenge, as declining property prices can result in the property being worth less than what the buyer paid

It is extremely important to consider the impact of neighboring developments, as new developments located in close proximity can negatively impact the value and attractiveness of the property being purchased. Knowing the future development plans of the surrounding area is essential to making an informed investment decision.

Despite these inherent risks, careful selection, thorough research and seeking expert advice can significantly reduce the likelihood of problems when investing in off-plan property in Dubai.